Why Are My Gums White Around My Teeth?

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Why Are My Gums White Around My Teeth?
Categories: general dentistry, Oral Health Advise
Gums, also known as gingiva, play a crucial role in dental health; not only do they protect the underlying structures of our teeth, but changes in their colour or texture often serve as a barometer for oral health issues. The most common hue associated with healthy gums is a consistent pink, but variations in shade. Continue reading >>
How to Treat Swollen Gums Effectively?
Categories: general dentistry, Oral Health Advise
A bright smile can light up a room, but when that smile is marred by swollen gums, the discomfort can be both physically uncomfortable and confidence-shattering. Swollen, or inflamed gums, known in dental parlance as gingival swelling, are a common issue, and while often unsettling, understanding the underlying causes and appropriate inflamed gums treatments can. Continue reading >>
Why Are My Gums Bleeding: Causes and Treatment
Categories: general dentistry, Oral Health Advise
It’s a common scenario, but one that can cause alarm nonetheless: you’ve just finished brushing your teeth, and as you spit into the sink, you notice a tinge of pink. Bleeding gums – although common – should never be dismissed as trivial, so if you’ve found yourself pondering, “why are my gums bleeding?”, you’re not. Continue reading >>
Flossing With Braces: Everything You Need to Know
Categories: general dentistry, Oral Health Advise
Good dental hygiene is essential for everyone, but it becomes especially crucial when you have braces: this is because the plethora of wires, bands, and brackets can make maintaining impeccable oral health a daunting task. At our dental clinic, some of our most frequently asked questions are about flossing with braces: how do you do. Continue reading >>
How Long Does a Dental Implant Procedure Take?
Categories: general dentistry, Oral Health Advise
The journey to a confident smile often comes with queries, especially when it involves a dental procedure like a tooth implant. One of the frequently asked questions is, “how long does a dental implant take?” However, it is important to understand that the dental implant process is not a single-step procedure but a series of. Continue reading >>
How Long Does it Take for Dental Anaesthesia to Wear Off?
Categories: general dentistry, Oral Health Advise
Undergoing a dental procedure can often be a source of anxiety for many patients. Fortunately, dental anaesthesia helps to make these procedures comfortable and pain-free. However, the lingering numbness after the procedure often leads to the question, “how long does it take for dental anaesthesia to wear off?” The answer varies depending on several factors. Continue reading >>
Why Does Dental Cleaning Hurt So Much?
Categories: general dentistry, Oral Health Advise
Dental cleaning is a vital part of any oral hygiene routine, but can sometimes prove to be a source of anxiety for those of us who still harbour a child-like hesistace about going for a dental check-up. Let’s not forget the pain factor – if you’ve ever wondered “Why does dental cleaning hurt so much?”. Continue reading >>
Why No Dairy After a Dental Implant?
Categories: general dentistry, Oral Health Advise
Dental implants have rapidly grown to be one of the most popular solutions to replace missing teeth, providing a permanent, aesthetically pleasing and practical alternative for those suffering from tooth loss. This minor surgery, while routine, still requires specific post-procedural care for the best outcome, and a crucial part of this care includes dietary alterations,. Continue reading >>
Can Receding Gums Be a Sign of an Underlying Health Condition?
Categories: general dentistry, Oral Health Advise
Maintaining optimal oral health extends far beyond just the sparkle of your smile. Often, changes in your oral health can serve as a reflection of your overall health status. One such change is receding gums, which, for those who develop them over a short period of time, can be an alarming sight. But can it. Continue reading >>
What Are the Steps to Take if I Experienced a Dental Injury or Trauma?
Categories: general dentistry, Oral Health Advise
Experiencing dental injuries and traumas can instill immediate fear and anxiety, but each case isn’t always a cause for immediate panic. However, understanding how to navigate such instances, including when to reach out to an emergency dentist, can make a world of difference. In the following article, we’re going go take a look at a. Continue reading >>
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