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Laser Dental Treatments

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Smile Cliniq’s Multi-Award Winning dental team provides treatments using Soft Tissue Diode Lasers, which are used to treat gum disease, recurring ulcer problems, gum pigmentation (reduce dark patches on the gum) and the removal of the inflamed gum flap when a tooth is partially erupted (pericoronitis).

Laser dentistry effectively replaces the surgical scalpel, and due to the way it works allows faster healing, less bleeding, less scarring and less anaesthesia.

Laser treatments are becoming more and more popular and are normally pain-free, quick, affordable, with NO blood... What more could you ask for?

The benefits for using Laser:

    • Less traumatic and less bleeding
    • Less time required for the procedure
    • Reduced scarring
    • Less anaesthetic
    • Faster healing
    • No stiches required
    • More accurate results creating better cosmetic finishing
    Uses for lasers in Dentistry

    1 Tooth Whitening – in surgery
    2 Depigmentation (Gum Bleaching)
    3 Ulcer treatment
    4 Periodontic LAPT Laser Assisted Periodontal Treatment
    5 TMJ Disorder relief
    6 Gum Troughing for crowns (to improve dental impressions and thus accuracy of indirect restoration fit.
    7 Oral Herpes, mucositis and lichen planus treatment
    8 Endodontic (root canal disinfection)
    9 Crown lengthening
    10 Frenectomy
    11 Pericorinitis treatment
    12 Operculectomy
    13 Gingivectomy
    14 Gingivoplasty
    15 Implant exposure
    16 Plus many more applications

    British Institute of Laser Dentistry

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