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"I've been going to the Smile Cliniq for the past couple of years, and the treatment, care and advice from Chetan and his team has been faultless. Highly recommended." - A.S.
"Yet again I have been blown away by Smile Cliniq. After my filling fell out on Sunday night, I was distraught. But I phoned the Cliniq in the morning and got an appointment for the same morning. Dr Kaher put me at ease, even though I was very anxious, and did an amazing job on my..." - Robyn B
"What a great dental clinic! I was having issues with a tooth and Dr Sarita Kotecha was brilliant. Solved my dental issue quickly and explained everything in a way that made me actually enjoy the appointment (!!). They were able to squeeze me in last minute too. Highly recommend t..." - Saya Jones
"The service was so good at Smile Cliniq by Dr Sarita Kotecha, I recommended my wife to change dentist. We've been looking for a good dentist since moving to London 2 and 1/2 years ago and the quality we had received from our previous dentist was sub-standard. That all changed at ..." - Greg Jones
"I have had a dentist phobia for many years and would shake all over whenever I was there. Dr Chetan Kaher changed that. He was calm and very patient and understanding of my anxiety. All the staff are thoughtful and friendly. I don't shake anymore, which is wonderful. I still have..." - DEBRA MERRITT
"Fantastic service, professional and top notch technology. Very hygenic and Dr Chetan Kaher has a very steady and experienced hand. Highly recommend." - Amrita Chauhan
"I have had a dentist phobia for many years and would shake all over whenever I was there. Dr Chetan Kaher changed that. He was calm and very patient and understanding of my anxiety. All the staff are thoughtful and friendly. I don't shake anymore, which is wonderful. I still have..." - DEBRA MERRITT
"Friendly and helpful manager. Dentist was also friendly and efficient,Gave me lots of advice about dental care showing video." - Filippa Milioto
"Needed an emergency appointment, I was seen the same day! Great service and friendly staff" - Elena Milioto
"I found the the team at smile very professional and friendly, nothing was too much trouble. Chet presented all the options and my selected course of treatment took place over a year. As it involved one of my front top teeth I had some concerns and Chet was always available to ans..." - Irin Wu
"I have a hereditary tendency to get dental cavities, ensuing painful dental treatments, which left me scared of visiting dentists. Now, in my early thirties, I did everything to avoid dental checks. I also gave up on having cavity-free teeth. Two years ago, I was forced to find a..." - Rukmini
"I have just finished my year long lingual brace treatment with Dr Sarita Kotecha which has been a huge success. I'm so happy with the results! The staff at Smile Cliniq have always been friendly, helpful and welcoming; fitting me in for last minute appointments when necessary and..." - Maayan Bianca
"My wife needed to see a dentist on an emergency basis on a Saturday after a bad fall the evening before. We called on Saturday morning and they were able to take us that afternoon. The quality of care, both technically and inter-personally, could not have been better. If we lived..." - Hal N.

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London dentist receeding gums treatment before
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London Pinhole gum treatment before
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Receding Gum Treatment Graphic Before
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Pinhole Gum Recession Treatment Before
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Receding Gums Treatment Before
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Before treatment to receding gums in London
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Receding gum treatment before
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Say goodbye to that sharp pain of teeth sensitivity and that unsightly gum line that leaves your teeth looking long. Here at Smile Cliniq, we perform a new, straightforward method of receding gums treatment: our pinhole receding gums surgery.

Receding gums occur when the receding gum line moves away from the enamel and leaves the root surface exposed. This will usually result in an unpleasant appearance of the gum and tooth, often leading to sensitive teeth.

Most notably, receding gums can also result in a greater risk of further infection of the gums and teeth since the tooth is losing its natural barrier to withstand bacterial penetration. A receding gum line does not allow for effective oral hygiene at home. It’s much harder to reach the receded section of the tooth to clean correctly. Plus, the receded gum exposes the tooth’s nerve, making it very sensitive and brushing correctly can be painful. Consequently, more bacterial plaque builds up, contributing to even further recession, bone loss and the establishment of gum disease. Action to correct gum recession must be taken. Here at Smile Cliniq, we can repair receding gums with an innovative minimally invasive receding gums treatment technique.

What is Receding Gums Surgery at the Smile Cliniq?

The Pinhole Surgery Technique, also known as Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation, was established by John Chao (DDS) and is a scalpel-free, suture-free, graft-free procedure to reverse receding gums, thus saving the teeth. This new treatment for receding gums offers many benefits to the patient over traditional gum restoration methods.

Pinhole gum graft surgery is a minimally invasive receding gums surgery that does not require incisions or sutures. Instead, a small instrument is used to create a tiny pinhole-sized entry point in the tissue.

Next, a special instrument is inserted to gently loosen the tissue so it can be pulled over the exposed tooth. Since no incisions are being made, side effects such as pain, swelling, and bleeding are kept to a minimum when we repair receding gums. Additionally, patients will notice an instant improvement in the appearance of their smile after gum recession treatment. If you need receding gum treatment in London, get in touch with Smile Cliniq today.

Pinhole Technique to Reverse Receding Gums

The pictures below are supplied by the founder of the pinhole gum graft technique – an effective receding gums treatment used in London. – Dr John C Chao, and published in The International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry, A Novel Approach to Root Coverage: The Pinhole Surgical Technique.

Receding Gums Before and After
Receding Gums Treatment Before and After Receding Gums in London Treatment Before and After

Pinhole Gum Recession Treatment Animation

Who Performs the Receding Gums Treatment & How Does It Work?

PST (Pinhole Surgical Technique) at Smile Cliniq is performed by Dr Evdokia Chasioti, the first Specialist Periodontist in the UK who is trained and certified to offer this specific type of receding gum treatment in London. Dr Chasioti is our in- house gum specialist who has an illustrative dental background and has studied at the top schools of dentistry in Europe. In 2013, Dr Chasioti received one of the highest recognitions of achievement afforded by the specialty of Periodontology and became a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, covering all phases of periodontal disease and its treatment, including dental implants. Read more about her profile and expertise here.

How to Treat Receding Gums: What Happens During Gum Repair Treatment?

The first step in pinhole receding gums surgery is to clean the teeth in the area needing treatment to ensure that the site is adequately prepped. Before they begin the work to repair receding gums, our Periodontist will administer local anaesthetic to numb the affected area. It’s important to note that gum receding surgery is always done under local anaesthetic, and you will not feel any pain during the treatment. Then, using a small instrument, a pinhole-sized (measuring about 0.1 inches) entry point is made in the gums for the receding gums treatment.

Once the area has been fully prepared to undergo the gum graft procedure, our Periodontist will insert another specialised instrument into the tiny entry point that has been made. Using this instrument, the tissue is slowly loosened and moved into the desired position to facilitate gum restoration. Finally, a different instrument is used to insert collagen strips through the entry point and into the gum tissue. This will help to keep the tissue in the correct place while the area heals itself. Our pinhole method is a highly effective way to reverse receding gums. The entire treatment process of your receding gums should take no longer than one hour to complete and can even be applied to several teeth at once if needed.

Contact our dental experts now if you have any further questions about how receding gums treatment is best performed in your circumstance. We will be happy to help and recommend the best treatment for you.

What are the Benefits of Receding Gums Surgery?

Receding gums, also known as gum recession, can be a serious problem for many people. It is characterised by the loss of gum tissue from the upper and lower jaw line near the teeth. Fortunately, receding gums can be treated through our pinhole surgical procedure here at the Smile Cliniq.

The benefits of receding gums surgery are numerous. One significant benefit is that it helps restore an aesthetically pleasing smile by fixing a receding gum line. Doing so reduces sensitivity due to exposed roots and can help preserve tooth structure which may otherwise have been lost due to further recession of the gums.

Our specific method of repairing receding gums via pinhole surgery provides you with several benefits that no other receding gum treatment in London can. With receding gums treatment at the Smile Cliniq, you can expect the following:

  • No Incisions – Since this is not a tissue graft, there is no need to cut or remove any part of your gums or palate when using this method to repair receding gums. As a result, you will not struggle with the pain and unsightly post-surgery healing that traditional gum grafting surgery requires.
  • No Sutures – The tissue is held in place using collagen strips rather than sutures (stitches) that need healing. This means a faster recovery for the patient than traditional grafting, and it’s more comfortable. Sutures in the mouth often cause discomfort in the patient and may cause irritation. At the Smile Cliniq, our pinhole gum surgery avoids this.
  • Minimal Pain – You will experience only a minimal amount of pain, swelling, or bleeding after having receding gums surgery.
  • Instant, Visible Results – The pinhole technique provides an instantly noticeable cosmetic improvement to your smile. The tiny entry point created is barely apparent and should disappear as soon as the next day, meaning excellent, natural-looking, long-lasting results.
  • Efficiency – It is possible to correct up to 14 teeth in only one to two hours.

Gum Grafts: Alternative Receding Gums Treatments

As well as pinhole treatment, there are other ways that you can repair a receding gum line with us here at the Smile Cliniq.

What Alternative Gum Recession Treatments are Available?

Gum recession is a common dental issue that can lead to more serious oral health problems if left untreated. It occurs when the gum tissue around your teeth begins to wear away, exposing the root of the tooth and causing it to become sensitive.

It’s important to note that there is no cure for receding gums and that receding gums will require dental treatment. A receding gum line will not grow back on its own, and the only way to repair receding gums is by having dental treatment. While natural remedies and improved oral hygiene may be how to stop gums receding, the only way to truly resolve this issue is by having receding gums treatment at a professional dentist clinic like the Smile Cliniq.

The traditional receding gums surgery is an effective receding gums treatment, but with the advent of the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique®, it poses an unnecessary risk of complications for the patient during and after the procedure to reverse receding gums.

Soft Tissue Grafting Technique for Receding Gums Treatment

Alongside the pinhole surgery offered at the Smile Cliniq, patients may opt for a gum graft. The Soft Tissue Graft is designed to resolve various problems, and it is widely used to cover unattractive tooth roots, reduce gum recession and root sensitivity, and protect the exposed roots from decay and any further receding gums and bone loss. Sometimes known as a ‘gum transplant’, a soft tissue gum graft is a common surgery that has been available for many years.

During a traditional soft tissue gum recession treatment, the doctor removes a small piece of gingival tissue, typically from the roof of the mouth, and sutures it into place where the gums have receded. Although this form of receding gums treatment is not as invasive as other oral surgeries, soft tissue gum grafting involves incisions, stitches, and some degree of post-operative discomfort. Patients will commonly experience discomfort for several days following their procedure. They may encounter complications from eating certain foods or accidentally brushing or flossing too close to the sutures or treatment area. This can slow the healing process and increase the risk of developing an infection.

It is also essential for your teeth, if undergoing orthodontic or restorative treatment, to have enough strong gum tissue around the necks of the teeth. This helps to prevent further gum recession during your treatment.

Traditional receding gums surgery using a gum graft is an effective receding gums treatment. However, with the advent of the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique®, traditional surgery poses an unnecessary risk of complications for the patient during and after the procedure to reverse receding gums. As a result, our dentists will always recommend the Pinhole surgery technique.

Treating Gum Recession with Mucograft

Geistlich Mucograft® is a unique 3D collagen matrix for soft tissue regeneration. It provides an alternative to autogenous soft tissue grafts, with the harvesting of the patient’s tissue from the roof of the mouth avoided. It is indicated for the gain of keratinised tissue and for recession coverage. The benefits of this include:

  • No harvest-site morbidity
  • Less pain is experienced compared with autogenous grafts
  • Reduced surgical chair time compared with autogenous grafts
  • A natural soft tissue colour and structure matching your own tissues
  • Excellent wound healing

If you would like to know more about how we can reverse receding gums, why not book a consultation with our dentist in London with our specialist Periodontist? Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to book you in and explain more.

Receding Gum Line Prior to Orthodontic Treatment

Gum tissue can be added in several ways, with sometimes the gum recession able to be corrected by adjusting the current level of gum tissue. The most common treatment method is a soft tissue graft. This is when a thin piece of gum tissue is softly taken from the roof of the mouth or gently moved over from neighbouring areas to provide a stable band of strong gum around the tooth.

If you’re thinking of having orthodontic treatment and need treatment for receding gums, talk to one of our dental professionals now.

Receding Gums Treatment UK FAQs:

What is the recovery like after treatment for receding gums?

The pain and discomfort you feel will depend on your oral health. You will most likely be given antibiotics as a preventative measure after your receding gum treatment here in London. The healing time is usually quick, with many patients fully healed within two weeks.

After receding gum treatment, your teeth may feel more sensitive than usual – desensitising toothpaste can help with this discomfort. A liquid diet such as soups may be beneficial for the first few days following gum grafting. A follow-up appointment to check the healing process and to remove any stitches, if applicable, will be scheduled for after your initial procedure.

Can receding gums reappear?

Unfortunately, yes. If you don’t take action to resolve the cause of your receding gums, they may reappear after your procedure.

Once you have received treatment for receding gums, it’s important to find a way to reduce the risk of further recession. If your current gum recession is only mild, we can recommend advice for preventing further recession rather than having to undergo surgical receding gums treatment.

Below are a handful of tips for slowing the progression of receding gums – good dental hygiene is key:

  • Flossing regularly using fluoride toothpaste, brushing the teeth and gently along the gum line twice daily using a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Using an antiseptic or fluoride mouthwash to reduce bacteria and flush out debris.
  • Choosing a size and shape of toothbrush that allows access to all parts of the mouth.
  • Replacing toothbrushes at least every 2–4 months.
  • Attending regular dental appointments.

What causes gum recession?

Several factors contribute to the decline in gum health and lead to gum recession. Examples of causes include:

  • Smoking and tobacco use
  • Gum disease
  • Over-brushing (brushing too vigorously)
  • Hormonal changes (such as pregnancy)
  • Certain types of medication
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Age

Receding gums must be treated by a professional dentist. At Smile Cliniq, we are one of the leading suppliers of receding gum treatment in London. Get in touch with our team of dental specialists now, who will be able to evaluate your condition and recommend the best treatment for your situation. If you have only just noticed receding gums, we may be able to offer you a nonsurgical treatment method with some special instructions for at-home care.

Why is receding gums treatment important?

Treatment for receding gums is very important. The creation of gaps between your teeth and gums means that receding gums make you more prone to bacterial infections. Not only that, but the cosmetic impact on your appearance may affect your confidence. Receding gums may make it more difficult for you to eat certain foods due to sensitivity.

How to stop gums receding?

If you’ve noticed that your gums are receding, it’s time to take action. Receding gums can lead to more serious oral health issues if left untreated, so it’s crucial to contact a dentist and discuss the best treatment for receding gums for you.

As well as this, there are some steps you can take now. The most effective way to prevent gum recession is by maintaining a good daily oral hygiene routine. This includes brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing between each tooth once a day. Flossing helps remove plaque buildup around the gum line, which can cause inflammation and damage the tissue of the gums. Additionally, a soft-bristled brush will help ensure that you don’t irritate or injure your gums while brushing.

Finally, visiting the Smile Cliniq regularly for check-ups and cleanings is essential to preventing gum recession and maintaining excellent overall health.

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