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How Long Is a Dental Appointment in the UK? Guide for Patients
Categories: Dental Procedures
When it comes to our oral health, making sure to attend your routine dental check-up is a must – and the good news is, it doesn’t take long at all to check it off your to-do list! However, some other types of consultations can take longer, depending on factors such as your location, and the. Continue reading >>
Can Dentists Tell You Vape? Dental Signs Revealed
Categories: Dental Health
With the rise in popularity of vaping, it’s important to understand how this habit can impact your oral health – but can dentists tell you vape when you go for your routine checkup? In the following blog, we’re going to take a look at the effects of vaping on oral health, the dental signs that. Continue reading >>
How Often to Visit Dentist: Importance of Regular Check-ups
Categories: Dental Health
We all know important it is to stay on top of our oral health – but how often should you actually visit the dentist? While the recommended frequency for dental visits used to be once every 6 months in the UK, there are a number of personal factors at play that can influence this figure.. Continue reading >>
How Veneers Are Fitted: Understanding the Fitting Procedure
Categories: Dental Procedures
If you’re thinking about upgrading your smile, you might be thinking about having veneers fitted – but what does the procedure actually look like for those who take the plunge? While a common procedure, the process for fitting veneers – while seemingly straightforward – involves meticulous craftsmanship and precision. So whether you’re considering veneers for. Continue reading >>
Spitting Blood When Brushing Your Teeth? Read This
Categories: Dental Health
There’s no question about it – there’s something deeply unsettling about spitting your toothpaste into the sink and seeing tinges of red in there. But is spitting blood after brushing always something to worry about? While seeing red in the sink can indicate underlying dental and health issues, it’s not always a cause for panic.. Continue reading >>
Stages of a Loose Tooth in Adults
Categories: Dental Health
Discovering a loose tooth as an adult can be an unsettling experience; unlike children – for whom loose teeth are a normal part of development – tooth loss as an adult can mean serious oral health issues – and there’s no tooth fairy coming to leave us a quid or two under the pillow! That. Continue reading >>
Why Are My Teeth Yellow When I Brush Them Everyday [Answered]
Categories: Dental Health
Having a bright, white smile is a common aspiration for most of us, but why does it seem so unachievable even with consistent brushing? The truth is that there are several factors – both natural and external – that can contribute to the yellowing of teeth, even if you’re rigid and dedicated to your brushing. Continue reading >>
Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I Have A Cold?
Categories: Dental Health
Experiencing tooth pain during a cold is a surprisingly common yet often misunderstood phenomenon, and has everything to do with the intricate connection between our sinus health and oral well-being. Put simply, when we catch a cold, the sinuses (aka the air-filled cavities located near our upper teeth) become inflamed and congested, and this inflammation. Continue reading >>
Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I Bite Down? A Dentist’s Answer
Categories: Dental Health
Experiencing pain when biting down can be both distressing and disruptive to your everyday life, especially if it’s sudden and you’re experiencing severe pain every time you eat. This type of dental discomfort can stem from various causes, ranging from issues directly related to the teeth to broader oral health conditions, such as jaw problems.. Continue reading >>
What Happens if You Don’t Brush Your Teeth Regularly?
Categories: Dental Health
Brushing your teeth is a fundamental aspect of dental hygiene, and incredibly important for maintaining oral health. But what exactly happens when this essential practice is neglected? The effects of not brushing your teeth regularly can be both immediate and long-term, affecting not just your mouth but your overall health as well. In the following. Continue reading >>
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