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How Long Is a Dental Appointment in the UK? Guide for Patients
Categories: Dental Procedures
When it comes to our oral health, making sure to attend your routine dental check-up is a must – and the good news is, it doesn’t take long at all to check it off your to-do list! However, some other types of consultations can take longer, depending on factors such as your location, and the. Continue reading >>
How Veneers Are Fitted: Understanding the Fitting Procedure
Categories: Dental Procedures
If you’re thinking about upgrading your smile, you might be thinking about having veneers fitted – but what does the procedure actually look like for those who take the plunge? While a common procedure, the process for fitting veneers – while seemingly straightforward – involves meticulous craftsmanship and precision. So whether you’re considering veneers for. Continue reading >>
Why Are Private Dentists so Expensive in London?
Categories: Dental Procedures
Dental care is an essential component of any self-care regimen, but with many NHS dentists currently working through a backlog of patients, opting for private dental care is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. However, going private can be pricey – but why are private dentists so expensive in London? In the following blog, we’re. Continue reading >>
How Long Does a Dental Implant Procedure Take?
Categories: Dental Procedures
The journey to a confident smile often comes with queries, especially when it involves a dental procedure like a tooth implant. One of the frequently asked questions is, “how long does a dental implant take?” However, it is important to understand that the dental implant process is not a single-step procedure but a series of. Continue reading >>
How Long Does it Take for Dental Anaesthesia to Wear Off?
Categories: Dental Procedures
Undergoing a dental procedure can often be a source of anxiety for many patients. Fortunately, dental anaesthesia helps to make these procedures comfortable and pain-free. However, the lingering numbness after the procedure often leads to the question, “how long does it take for dental anaesthesia to wear off?” The answer varies depending on several factors. Continue reading >>
Why Does Dental Cleaning Hurt So Much?
Categories: Dental Procedures
Dental cleaning is a vital part of any oral hygiene routine, but can sometimes prove to be a source of anxiety for those of us who still harbour a child-like hesistace about going for a dental check-up. Let’s not forget the pain factor – if you’ve ever wondered “Why does dental cleaning hurt so much?”. Continue reading >>
How do I prepare for my first orthodontist appointment in St John’s Wood?
Categories: Dental Procedures
Preparing for your first ever orthodontist appointment can feel like a significant milestone in your oral health journey, and for some, it’s even a moment of relief – finally you’re going to get your braces! That being said, your pre-appointment anticipation can also include a mixture of nervousness and anxiety, especially for those who don’t. Continue reading >>
How long does a dental implant procedure take?
Categories: Dental Procedures
Tooth loss is a significant oral concern that can greatly impact one’s quality of life, affecting everything from oral functionality to self-confidence. Thankfully, dental technology advancements offer effective solutions, with dental implants being one of the most popular choices for patients looking to combat both visual and functionality concerns associated with missing teeth. That being. Continue reading >>
5 Reasons to Consider Dental Implants
Categories: Dental Procedures
Tooth loss can have a devastating effect on both your self-esteem and your mouth’s ability to function correctly. Whether your tooth loss was caused by smoking, injury, or disease, it’s hard to underestimate its impact; we use our mouths for everything from speaking to eating, so losing a tooth (or many teeth) can be debilitating.. Continue reading >>
Advantages of teeth whitening procedure
Categories: Dental Procedures
From cigarette stains to coffee stains, tooth discolouration is an inevitability, especially as you get older. However, having your teeth professionally whitened can have an instant knock-on effect on your confidence, and even improve your oral health! With the rise of at-home whitening kits, many are now taking their tooth-whitening into their own hands and. Continue reading >>
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