Do you have dental anxiety, dental fear or dental phobia? Are you frightened of going to the dentist? Do you avoid going to the dentist or do you keep your appointments and endure them with a good deal of stress? Do you feel embarrassed or ashamed of your fear or your mouth? Do you have your treatment with dental sedation or general anaesthetic? Are you looking for a dentist who really understands your problems?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, then we can help you at the Smile Cliniq dental practice, winners of Best Dentist London and UK, in Finchley and St John’s Wood.

Helen Chapman, our Dental Phobia Management Specialist, works at both these dental practices with the other staff to provide a specialised service for treating dental fear, dental anxiety and dental phobia. This includes specific problems like gagging.

Helen is trained in and has 15 years of experience in using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to treat dental anxiety and dental phobia. Do you want to visit a gentle dentist in the Finchley or St John’s Wood area? This is the ultimate way to achieve this as having control of how and when things happen is an integral part of treatment. If you have other problems such as chronic pain, GAD and OCD, Helen’s training means that she understands the impact of these conditions on your dental anxiety or dental phobia.

If you want effective treatment for your dental fear, dental anxiety or dental phobia, this is it. CBT is the NICE (National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence) approved treatment for specific phobias. To gain this status, there has to be scientific proof of the treatment’s effectiveness. A study just published in the scientific journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics[1]  found that long term improvement in dental fear, dental phobia or dental anxiety was more likely after treatment with CBT than hypnosis or general anaesthesia. (More people treated with hypnosis than CBT dropped out of the study before completing treatment.)

If you are interested in CBT for your dental anxiety or dental fear please ring the Finchley or St John’s Wood dental practice and arrange an appointment. This will involve getting a detailed understanding of your problem and will not involve any dental treatment.

Finchley practice: 0208 343 1133

St John’s Wood dentist: 0207 328 1200

[1] Wannemeuller, A et al (2011) A practice-based comparison of brief cognitive behavioural treatment, two kinds of hypnosis and general anaesthesia in dental phobia. Psychother Psyhosom 80;3: e pub