Recent studies have shown that treatment of periodontal disease in pregnant women significantly reduced the risk of premature birth.

The research showed that women with periodontal disease were over three times more likely to give birth prematurely than women with good oral health and had a one in four chance of giving birth before 35 weeks.

Pregnant women with gum disease were treated with scaling and root plaining, and a periodontal examination was carried out before and after treatment. The results of the study showed that subjects who were successfully treated for their periodontal disease had significantly lower incidence of preterm birth less than 35 weeks gestation.

During pregnancy, the mother’s gums tend to become more inflamed and sensitive to plaque due to hormone changes. Therefore it is important to maintain your oral health by visiting the hygienist or dentist for a clean, as now we know that it can have an important impact on the health of the baby. Please look through our teeth cleaning guide which has video on how to brush your teeth and gums.  Also please read through our Gum Disease page for more information on the cause of gum disease and possible treatments.

With the above in mind, why not take an advantage of our periodontal services! At Smile Cliniq in Finchley, North London, George – our periodontist, is here to help you if you have any problems with you gums. So if you have any doubts please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our dentists today and if necessary we will arrange for you to see him in order to prevent future complications.