An endodontist is a specialist that deals with problems with the pulp of the tooth.  Generally they have completed a dental degree (5-years) and then completed further specialist training (3-5 years) on root canal treatments. Treatment of an infected pulp usually requires a root canal treatment. A root canal treatment is when the pulp, containing the nerve and blood supply of the tooth, is removed and a rubber  filling is packed inside, with a crown or a filling to cover the tooth at the end.

Root canal treatment can be very complex and is a time consuming procedure. In some difficult cases it is best to see a specialist endodontist straight away. This is because the first root canal treatment has the highest success rate, and if it is not done to a high standard, there is a risk of the root canal treatment failing. If this happens, there is a need for a re-root canal treatment.  Unfortunately, the success rates of re-root canal treatments are much lower, hence it is important to get it completed correctly the first time.

A root canal treatment can be done in one or two stages. It consists of the caries and pulp initially being removed. The canal walls are then smoothed and shaped using single use files. The canals are then disinfected using an irrigant. An antibiotic paste may be placed inside the root and a temporary filling placed if the treatment is to be done in two stages.

The tooth is then left for a few days to settle down and allow the intra canal medicament to work, and the second stage can take place. The temporary filling and intra canal medicament is removed, and canals smoothed and disinfected. A gutta percha filling is then packed tightly inside the canal, and a filling is placed on top. Most root canal treated teeth require crowns afterwards.

At Smile Cliniq, winner of Best Practice London, we are certain that Dr Kaher (winner of Best Dentist London and UK) and Dr Kotecha together with our specialist endodontist Dr Nojan Khalehoghli are highly skilled and experienced at delivering excellent root canal treatments, to ensure highest chances of the root canal treatment succeeding the first time.

All specialist treatments are carried out at the Smile Cliniq Dental surgery in Finchley, North London. If you think you require treatment from a specialist endodontist, or want to ask a few questions about seeing a specialist endodontist, just simply call our number on 0208 343 1133. You can also contact us via email at [email protected]