Ok, think of it this way. You invested lots of money and plenty of time in order to finally straighten your teeth and you want them to stay that way for the rest of time. If you do then you needs retainers! Your dentists will inform you at the beginning of your treatment you will need to wear retainer at the end to keep your teeth in place.
You’d be surprised by teeth move all our life and they will go back to their original place if you do not wear retainers.

Our dedicated Smile Cliniq Team is here to help you with that.
The purpose of a retainer is to stabilise your bone and soft tissue to prevent your teeth from shifting to previous position. Your teeth need time to adapt to all the changes made by wearing braces.

Type of retainers made at Smile Cliniq:
– Removable retainer
– Fixed retainer

Removable retainer looks like clear aligner/mouthguard/whitening tray. It can be made for upper and lower arch. The Dentist can recommend you to wear it all the time and to remove it only when you will eat. Sometimes it can also be recommended to wear it only at night time however it is all very personal and depends on the case and it’s complexity.

Removable retainer

Fixed retainer looks like a piece of very thin metal wire which is attached to the back of your teeth. It can be placed on upper and lower arch and it is a permanent solution.

Bonded Retainers

Which retainer is best for me?
It all depends on Dentist recommendation however fixed retainer is our favourite solution here at Smile Cliniq. Advantage of this type of retainer is the fact that it is hidden behind your teeth so it is not visible at all and it is performing it’s job all the time 24h/7! You do not need to worry about your teeth shifting back at all. Just enjoy your every day life.
How long do I need to wear retainers for?
It all depends on personal case and it’s complexity however our Dentist at Smile Cliniq will always recommend you to wear your retainers for at least the same amount of time you had your braces on. Remember, you do not want to get all your money and time wasted just because you do not want to wear your retainers. Think of it as life investment. You will enjoy beautiful, confident smile for all your life!

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