It’s that time of year again when people start to hang up their christmas trees and sing along to christmas songs on the radio. Christmas time is not only about gifts and celebration, but food is also a big part of the festivities.

As British people, we all look forward to a big juicy roasted turkey and wine for christmas,  but not to mention the mountains of chocolates, ice creams, mince pies, biscuits, christmas pudding, tarts, jellies….you get the point.

Although we use Christmas as an excuse to stuff ourselves with food, our stomachs aren’t the only areas that we should be wary of…..

All the sweets and cakes contain piles of sugar which cause tooth decay, and the red wines and berries are acidic which can cause tooth erosion. As a dentist, we want to warn people not to constantly consume sugary or acidic foods and drinks. It is actually better to eat sweet things at meal times rather than inbetween meals. This is because if  sugars are continuously being eaten, the teeth are frequently being exposed to acid erosion by the bacteria in the mouth, which leads to tooth decay and erosion. Therefore, it is important to allow your teeth to remineralise and recover after a meal, and try to avoid eating in-between meals.

It is also important to brush your teeth twice a day with the correct brushing technique. For a video of how to properly care for your teeth click here.

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