Prevention is key to a longer lasting smile – and more money in your pocket!

In dentistry as well as in medicine, to prevent is better than to cure. To maintain a good oral health, it is recommended to: brush twice a day, floss, use inter-dental brushes and rinse using a fluoride mouthwash. A poor cleaning technique, high sugar/acid intake and some health conditions such as, diabetes which causes Xerostomia or ‘Dry Mouth,’ are all factors contributing to poor oral health.

How much is a routine check-up compared to the cost of an emergency appointment?

For some, routine check-ups and cleans seem unnecessary and costly. However, emergency treatments tend to require more work than a simple check-up and therefore cost more. According to a study on dental visits in America (Frugal:20121), the cost of emergency visits can be 10 times more expensive than regular check-ups – where the first signs of dental decay can be removed and prevented. If left untreated decay, often painless and unnoticeable, can damage or kill the nerves resulting in root canal treatments, crowns or extractions costing up to thousands of pounds.

What can I do to prevent dental problems?

Apart from excellent home care, regular visits to the dentist and hygienist for routine examinations; professional cleans, will keep your mouth healthy and decay at bay. Professional hygiene cleans involves the removal of plaque and tartar in places difficult to reach using a toothbrush which aids in the maintenance of healthy gums.

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