In dentistry it is essential to update our knowledge continually in several subjects one of them being first aid training.

Here are Smile Cliniq we want me make sure that our patients are treated in the most safe environment  and therefore all of our staff including dentists, nurses and receptionists undergo an annual training in Basic Life Support.  We believe this is vital part of Continuing professional development as it ensures the safety of our patients (and staff) should the worst happen.

This year, as always, we had the training in our Finchley surgery where practised different scenarios that could happen during our working day. This enabled us to tackle any situation that may occur, from patient collapsing in surgery, someone falling from a ladder outside on the street to patient having an anaphylactic shock in the dental chair.

We had a qualified first aider to train us, answer any questions and guide our team through the different capabilities needed to ensure the best treatment is achieved.

We covered areas such as CPR on a unconscious, not breathing individual, recovery position for a unconscious, breathing individual, CPR in adults and children, choking in adult and children and many different scenarios that can occur not only in the surgery but during everyday life.

Here at Smile Cliniq we have oxygen tank which we are fully aware how to use should there be a need. Having this sort of equipment can increase chances of survival of cardiac arrest significantly.

The training has been conducted within the guidelines from the UK resuscitation Council. You can find more information about it here

Here are some photos from the day.

We have also recently purchased an Automated External Defibrillator and will be conducting training on that as well. We will let you know how it went.