Approximately 259,000 Britons between 16 and 64 have dental treatment abroad every year because they believe it is cheaper, according to a new survey.

Dentale, the dental implant training clinic, warns that the ‘true’ cost of certain dental treatments abroad can be more expensive than the UK. Research conducted by Dentale suggests that because of the recession, the number of people having dental work abroad could increase.

Although many people think that they can save money by doing this, Dentale warns that depending on the dental treatment required, it could end up being more expensive due to the costs of hotels and flights for multiple visits.

The research shows that between 2004 and 2008, 779,000 men and 514,000 women aged between 16 and 64 had dental treatment abroad because they believed they would save money. Some 67% of these people were aged under 34.

Jason Buglass, managing director of Dentale and a UK qualified dentist, said ‘It is important that when people are looking to go abroad for dental treatment that they not only investigate the cost of the procedure, but also the other added expenses such as hotels, flights and how many times they will have to see the dentist before the treatment is complete. In the case of dental implants, you need to make a number of follow-up visits and if your dentist is in another country this can not only be very time consuming but also costly.’

Another thing to bear in mind is the risk of the treatment failing. For example if a person goes to another country for an implant, and the implant fails to integrate with the bone and falls out, then they will have to return back to the dentist when there is no guarantee of a solution to the problem. This also adds cost and time and most of all stress to the person, which may have been unknown if carried out by a certified, well educated, local dentist.

Has reading this article made you rethink your ideas of having treatment abroad? Of course, some may have very reliable and trustworthy dentists abroad that they would bet their lives on. But remember, there is always a risk. Unless you are prepared for the consequences, our advice at Smile Cliniq would be to keep the health of your mouth in the hands of a local dentist that you trust.

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